What is Open Longevity?
Clinical trials initiated by patients
Diagnosis of aging and monitoring of health
A project that will extend the life of all participants
Pre-ICO ends on the 10th of December 2017
What's Open Longevity?
An online platform consisting of a website and mobile app with the following capabilities:
Neural network
Users upload their test results. Then the system gives advice on lifestyle, sports, nutrition and meds, based an array of data from the self-learning network.
A database of physicians, scientific analysts and biohackers to get your consultation, based on your personal data.
New infrastructure for scientists and volunteers to conduct and take part in research. Openness and refusal of patent protection will accelerate and reduce the cost of the process, increase the reliability of the results.
Wearables and other diagnostic devices, dietary supplements and vitamins, applications and subscriptions for services, such as gyms, at special prices — everything for extra YEARs in one place.
How will it look like?
Why do we think that the Open Longevity platform is interesting to millions of users?
Each of us wants to extend youth and improve the quality of life, our own and our loved ones. We all know, that the risks of so many diseases increase with age. We offer you to reduce these risks by performing the diagnostics in time. We will tell you how to do it and how to interpret the results.

Our system is convenient for constant use, has high scientific certainty, relevance and flexibility. We rely on an array of scientific publications, not on the opinion of single experts. The value of such a service is obvious to everyone who wants to monitor their health and improve its performance.

How are we different from the others?
1. It's all about aging
First, everything we do is about aging. The user's personal profile, data interpretation and clinical research will all be aimed at combating aging.
2. Community
We are a community project. Our goal is to provide a convenient tool for our already existing community of biohackers and all those wanting to extend a healthy and young period of life. Then, with the help of this tool, we will attract new people. Our users will also become part of the crypto-economic movement.
3. Diagnosis of aging
Correct us if we are wrong. But no one in the world by far is providing the diagnosis of aging, as a user-accessible service. We compiled our basic diagnostic panel and constantly improve it in cooperation with scientists and physicians. We also develop narrow desease-focused panels.
4. Different interpretation
We interpret the results of traditional laboratory tests differently. After analyzing thousands of scientific articles, we propose to revise the reference values, the concept of norm. The risks of occurrence of age-related diseases (heart diseases, oncology, etc.) increase several times even within the limits of "normal" indicators from the point of view of official medicine. Our reference values are much stricter and we understand how to influence them. Here you can read more about this (yet in Russian).
5. Research on a non-commercial basis
This is insane, but we suggest conducting clinical trials of aging therapies strictly on a non-commercial basis. We do not try to make money on developing a medicine for old age. Our experience and experience of Russian and foreign colleagues suggest that the attempt to earn money takes a significant part of resources and time and affects the objectivity. We will not notice how we begin to bias the results of our own research, erring in their effectiveness. With full openness, we will be able to attract expertise of any level at any stage of the study. In this case, our goal is speed and efficiency, rather than earnings.
How will the Open Longevity community grow?
Not only a personal instrument, but a social network.

The user will be able to make his or her medical data public, incognito or openly, and find people with similar parameters. Thus, users will find emotional support and share experiences. This means that the Open Longevity community will be alive and fast-growing.
Why YEAR tokens will be in demand?
Limited emission
The number of tokens will be fixed when the ICO is completed. Additional emissions are not provided.
Payments only in YEARs
Payment for all OL services will be in YEAR tokens: consultations and fee, marketplace and clinical trials.
As the project develops, we will connect new companies to our network, which means that a user will be able to pay with tokens for services outside of Open Longevity.
Voting for projects
All token holders will be able to vote for the development and new research, conducted in Open Longevity.
Conducting trials
Funds for clinical trials will also be allocated and distributed in tokens, thereby increasing their turnover.
Easy acquisition
Every new user will be able to purchase tokens directly on the website at the current exchange rate.
President and founder of Science for Life Extension Foundation, entrepreneur, president and co-founder of the company United Consultants FDP.
Vice-president of Science for Life Extension Foundation with background in biophysics (MIPT). A successful designer and architect in the past, also a certified specialist in the field of copywriting and art direction in advertising.
Scientific director
A valueology specialist, autodidact and analyst of aging therapies recognized within the scientific community. Founder and author of www.nestarenie.ru.
Head of Biological Data Standardization Department
CEO and founder of DNKOM Laboratories and Medgorod Medical Center.
Founded Home Loan Marketplace Zalogo and a back-office for hedge funds Managed equities portfolio at hedge funds Avega Capital and Marcuard Spectrum / Worked in IHS CERA, VTB and Sberbank / A Director of Founder Institute Master in Finance, NES. Studied global banking at Harvard and Stanford.
Ph.D, Associate Professor in the department of Computer Engineering and Computer Science at the Speed School of Engineering, University of Louisville; founding and current director of the Cyber Security Lab; an author of many books and articles; a Senior member of IEEE (Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies) and AGI (Artificial General Intelligence); Member of Kentucky Academy of Science, and Research Advisor for MIRI (Machine Intelligence Research Institute) and Associate of GCRI (Global Catastrofic Risk Institute).
Director of the Institute of Clinical Research, MD, PhD; Chairman of the Coordination Council of the "League for the Promotion of Clinical Research." In the past, the clinical research monitor and medical director of the company InnPharm; Clinical Research Manager and Director of Clinical Research at Merck, Sharp & Dohme.
Ambassador at Singularity University Moscow Chapter, Director of Russian Venture Company Subsidiary Funds.
Our experience

NESTARENIE—which means 'not aging' in Russian—is the most popular Russian anti-aging blog, with an average of 4,000 unique visitors and 10,000–50,000 views per day. It is not only a blog but an expert system prototype, which is based on analysis of enormous amount of scientific articles. Together, we have planned our first clinical trials: a therapy for atherosclerosis, variants of a fasting mimicking diet, and testing the effectiveness of therapy for senile dementia.
Open Longevity Patients' Organization

The organization exists for more than a year and unites several hundred like-minded people in Russia and other countries. We see the willingness of the community to contribute to the scientific search for aging therapies, whether it's volunteering or participating in clinical research.
Open Longevity School

Only in 2016 we gave about a hundred of speeches and lectures on the fight against aging. And this is not including the Open Longevity School, where several dozen of classes, lectures, seminars and tests are conducted in just one shift. Within the schools we talk about the biology of aging and involve students in various projects and collaborations. We also conduct pilot trials, providing meals according to science at schools and motivating students to take lab tests before and after the shift.
Science for Life Extension Foundation

The Foundation was created in Moscow in August 2008 to support and develop scientific research aimed at the development of methods for radical life extension.
We have issued four books, including a fairly successful Futurology (M.Batin, A. Turchin), a huge number of printed materials for scientific conferences, dozens of road maps on various topics, including regenerative medicine and mechanisms of aging and longevity, together with the Innovation Center of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and the Institute of Biology of the Komi Scientific Center of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Two international scientific conferences "Genetics and therapy of aging" have been held: one in 2012 in Moscow and in 2014 in Sochi.
Expenses plan for Pre-ICO
PR in order to attract the maximum attention of the audience for the ICO
• Specific media
• Telegram-channels and chats
• Social network and Youtube
MVP to attract first users and to present platform to investors
• Beta-version of the free part of OL: web-version, mobile application for iOS and Android. Functionality: the ability to upload medical data into the system and get the results from the biomarker panels. The panels will show the risks of diseases and the compliance of body health with the norms of Open Longevity.
• Interactive prototype of all platform functionality.