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Open Longevity is a project that initiates, organizes and guarantees the openness of clinical trials of aging therapies. We will include the patients themselves in a global movement to search for and test potential aging therapies that, once proven effective, will immediately become part of their own lives.
Two important components of our project
Expert system
Technological platform for accounting for personal human metrics, with an advisory system based on AI and a consulting section.

And also a unique system for conducting clinical trials by the community members.
Сlinical trials
A diet that prolongs life. Fighting Alzheimer's and fighting with atherosclerosis.

We explained in detail why these three studies will begin in a special chapter about research.
The ideology of the project
Goal achievement
At the first stage, with the goal of developing a platform and launching the first research, we collect funds from the ICO. Our task is to build a self-sufficient system that provides paid services to individuals, but at the same time accomplishes important tasks for humanity on a non-commercial basis.
Openness of results
We do not plan to protect the therapies we tested with patents - the results of research will be made public. We want to direct the energy of the patients themselves to fight against aging, and our experience suggests that it is the policy of openness that attracts to us projects, funding, scientists and volunteers.
Availability of therapies
One of the popular fears in the industry is that, having appeared on the market, the medicine for old age will become the exclusive prerogative of the elite. The openness of our project is a possible solution to this problem.

Moreover, the willingness to publish both final and intermediate results, as well as the research protocols and all related materials, will give us the highest level of expertise.
Quality of research
All clinical studies will be carried out strictly in accordance with existing standards. We will prepare brochures describing the design of the experiment, questionnaires, and questionnaires, forms of informed consent, permission from ethical committees. We will include in the work of the laboratory, clinical institutions and CRO (Contract Research Organization), which traditionally carry out similar studies.
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