Business model Open Longevity

As part of the platform—Expert OL, Personal OL and partially Trial OL—provides paid services, it will become self-sustainable, when it reaches a critical number of users. Deliberately low price of Expert OL will attract a large number of subscribers, which will speed up the training of the platform and make its work more efficient.

Paying for the services of the platform with YEAR tokens will guarantee a 50% discount in comparison with payment by another currency, stimulating the demand for our tokens.

We divide the receipt of funds into two types of currencies—YEAR tokens and other currencies (fiat or crypto)—and into two types of gathering: 90% of YEARs will always go to the Open Longevity Fund, and the remaining 10% of YEARs and other currencies will be credited to the accounts of Open Longevity Company.
Open Longevity Company
Company currencies: YEAR tokens, crypto currency, fiat money.

Replenishment of accounts of the Open Longevity Company occurs through payment for services in any currency. If the payment is made in cryptocurrency (other than YEAR tokens) or in fiat money, the entire amount (minus the Personal OL specialists' fee) will be transferred to the corresponding OL Company account. If the payment is made in the YEAR tokens, then only 10% of the amount will be transferred.

Company funds can be spent on the platform technical support (for example, rent server capacities) or on the entire ecosystem support (for example, office rent, employee salaries).

The Board of Directors is entitled to transfer surplus funds from the accounts of the Company to the Open Longevity Fund's accounts (no more than once in six months). Including, through the purchase of tokens on exchanges, which will also affect the market price of the token.

Open Longevity Fund
Fund currency: YEAR tokens.

The first replenishment of the Fund occurs via the additional emission of tokens after Crowdsale

There are YEAR tokens only in the Fund. Replenishment occurs when users pay for services of the OL ecosystem with YEAR tokens: 10% of tokens are sent to the account of the OL Company and the rest 90% is sent to the OL Fund account. Funds can be spent only on conducting clinical trials or other projects in the field of longevity. Open Longevity team will be offering its projects for voting on general grounds. The expenditure of these funds is only to be made through voting via smart-contract, thus the process is absolutely transparent and automated.