As a result of the analysis of many studies, markers were selected that have been shown to reflect some manifestations of our aging rate and can predict the risks of death from various "senile" diseases.

We can examine the values of these markers individually and determine the focus of the effect in order to slow the development of signs of aging. These same markers are necessary to evaluate how effective the tried therapy was. For example, we can evaluate the effectiveness of therapy for aging of the cardiovascular system or ascertain the change in the probability of occurrence of the most common cancerous tumors.

Thus, we can diagnose aging and try to slow it down.

We will immediately publish both intermediate and final research data, all working papers, protocols, and questionnaires, as well as design designs for subsequent clinical trials experiments. An openness of research is our competitive advantage. It is impossible to overestimate the idea of open clinical trials protocols. Having implemented it, we will get the highest level of expertise in the world.
First scheduled trials
The first three trials, we plan to conduct at the expense of funds, collected via ICO: