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To finance the development of the Open Longevity system, a fund-raising phase, known as crowdsale, will be held. During crowdsale, people can purchase YEAR tokens at a fixed rate. YEAR tokens provide the holder with the right to use the Open Longevity service at a discount (in comparison with payments in national and crypto currency), to receive goods and services of friendly services and platforms that form the Open Longevity ecosystem, and to participate in voting on the use of the funds of the Research Foundation.

YEAR tokens are developed using the Ethereum ecosystem, in particular, using the Token ERC20 standard. The ERC20 specification will be expanded to allow voting. The upper fundraising level is 35 500 000 $. The tokens are issued twice, at the time of the PRE-ICO launch and at the time of the launch of the ICO. The following describes the process of selling tokens during crowdsale.
Open Longevity Smart Сontract carries out the emission of YEAR tokens, and during the Pre-ICO the amount of YEARs will be issued to reach $ 500,000.

The purchase of tokens during the Pre-ICO will consist of two phases:
  • Private placement
  • Public crowdsale
The rate of the ETH to dollar is to be set at the launch moment of Pre-ICO, and is being fixed for the entire collection time.

The purchase is carried out by transferring the ETH to the address of the smart contract, and the sender of the transaction becomes the owner of the purchased tokens.

Private placement phase
Lasts for 3 days starting the launch of the Pre-ICO.
The start date will be announced in advance, in our channels:
To participate in Private placement, you must register on the project website:

Registration start: August 20, 2017.

To be registered for a Private placement, providing the following information is a must:
  • Full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Passport data
  • Mailing address
  • ETH wallet address
  • The number of tokens to be purchased
The purchase of YEAR tokens in the first 3 days can only be performed from addresses registered in the Private placement database.

During this phase, a special price for tokens is set: $ 100 = 1,750 YEAR.

At a one-time purchase of tokens for $ 100,000 or more during the Private placement phase, a special price of 2,000 YEAR = $ 100 operates.

Public crowdsale phase
Starts immediately after the completion of the Private placement phase, on the 4th day of Pre-ICO. Anyone will be able to purchase YEAR tokens, including unregistered participants.

During this phase, a special price for tokens is set: $ 100 = 1,300 YEAR.

At a one-time purchase of tokens worth $ 100,000 or more during the Public crowdsale stage, a special price of 1,500 YEAR = $ 100 operates.

It should be noted that there is a probability of tokens being sold out in the first days of "closed sales". In order to avoid inconvenience when, by the time of Public crowdsale, the entire pool of tokens will be purchased, we recommend registration to receive all the advantages of Private placement.
Smart contract Open Longevity carries out the issue of YEAR tokens, the number of which during the ICO will be issued until reaching $ 33,500,000. Tokens are sold at a fixed price of 1,000 YEAR = $ 100.

The course of the ether to the US dollar is set at the time of the launch of the ICO, and is fixed for the duration of the fund-raising.

The purchase is carried out by transferring the ether to the address of the smart contract, and the sender of the transaction becomes the owner of the purchased tokens.

The duration of the ICO is 90 days from launch. The minimum amount needed to run the Open Longevity project is $ 2,050,000.

If the necessary minimum funds for launching the Open Longevity project are not collected during the ICO, then all collected funds are returned to investors, minus commissions for transactions and gas costs.
Distribution of funds collected during the ICO phase
Funds received during the ICO are designed to create an Open Longevity infrastructure and conduct the first three planned clinical trials. After the completion of ICO, the funds are immediately transferred to the Open Longevity team on a multi sign wallet with the signatures of the CEO and CTO of the project.

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To promote the ideology of Open Longevity, work is planned in the following areas: the organization and conduct of offline schools of longevity, lecturing, visits by the project team for thematic events, conferences, and other PR projects.
Distribution of tokens after additional issue
After the end of the ICO, a one-off additional emission is made in the amount of 100% of the purchased tokens. It is described in a smart contract - there are no further additional emissions of tokens.

The released tokens are distributed among investors, team members, advisors, bounty members and a reserve fund.
Securing the liquidity of the YEAR tokens
To ensure the liquidity of the YEAR tokens, immediately after the successful completion of the crowdsale, by the project team, every effort will be made to place the YEAR tokens on the free-trade exchanges.

The initial liquidity of YEAR tokens will be ensured through projects, products and services that are friendly to Open Longevity, in particular, the possibility of free exchange of YEAR tokens to:
  1. Services of cardiologists on cloud service Cardio Cloud;
  2. Devices for assessing the cardiovascular system at home - ECG Dongle and ECG Dongle Full;
  3. Participation in events and schools conducted by the Open Longevity team.
In the future, we will exert all our efforts to expand the Open Longevity ecosystem, including various suppliers of goods and services, laboratories, and services that are aimed at achieving the goals and objectives of the Open Longevity project, namely active longevity.
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