OL Platform
The Open Longevity platform will consist of four interconnected blocks: Free, Expert, Personal and Trial.

Free OL is a free part of Open Longevity. Filling out the primary simple history, the user in a convenient way (manually exporting from laboratories, automatically unloading from wearable gadgets) records his medical and biological data and observes them in dynamics.

To monitor the rate of aging in general and the development of an age-related disease, for example, Alzheimer's or depression, users will benefit from the diagnostic panels developed by us, that is, lists of tests and tests. There will be both shortened panels and extended ones - including more tests and more expensive examinations. Also available will be a personalized panel for the backup, taking into account the age of the user.
The neural network, learning, each time more accurately draw conclusions, and from the Trial OL platform will receive data from its own clinical studies. The user can independently take tests and check whether his indicators are normal in terms of conventional medicine.

For a paid subscription (about $ 1-10 per month), the expert part of the platform - Expert OL - analyzes the data provided by the user.

It should be noted that the complex of sciences that study aging, or gero-science (gero science), considers the concept of norm a little differently. In particular, we avoid the phrase "for your age this is normal." Our goal is to bring all the health indicators closer to the level of the young organism. Moreover, the reference values are regularly specified, new scientific publications are published. We follow the results of research and often give other or more rigorous interpretations of biomarker indicators.

The system will be based on expert-reviewed scientific publications and analytics of large data (depersonalized data of our users);
As a result of the expert evaluation, the user will receive a list of recommendations and comments, that is, a personal program to combat aging. One of the recommendations, for lack of contraindications, may be an invitation to participate in one of the clinical trials of Open Longevity.

Since the platform makes recommendations in terms of combating aging, and we know that there is no medication for old age, the proposed interventions will have more potential therapies than those that have already proved effective. Thus, people will be involved in useful clinical research, primarily for them.

Our goal is to turn every patient into a researcher. You take medications, dietary supplements or just experiment with a diet - we encourage everyone to take the necessary tests and tests before and after. We, on our part, will help to conduct the correct diagnosis and offer a list of possible experiments.

Personal OL - add-on Expert Expert system, where highly qualified specialists are connected to the analyst, due to which users will be able to ask questions of interest, and our experts - to clarify the anamnesis. As a result, adjustments can be made to the recommendation sheet.

Consultations within Personal OL involve an additional fee. The cost of the services is set by the experts themselves, and the platform retains the commission - it is 25% preliminary, the figure will be adjusted depending on the legal zone in which the project will be implemented.

Funds collected from users in the framework of Expert OL and Personal OL are an additional source of funding of clinical trials.
The Trial OL section contains information about all the clinical studies taking place within the platform: current, past and planned, launched by the OL team and offered by third-party scientists on a competitive basis.

On the general scheme of the OL platform (below), you can track the movement of data between the four sections. For example, user data from Free OL, a common list or collected in a panel, is transferred to Expert OL, where they are analyzed by the system and gives recommendations. After that they can be transferred to a specialist in Personal OL for adjustments and consultations.

An independent system for conducting clinical trials Trial OL actually interacts closely with the entire platform. The data for research are taken from Free OL as well, and the results of the research are transferred, as received, to the expert system.
Research areas of the platform
Standard laboratory tests: blood, urine

Microbiome composition

Locomotor activity

Image analysis: X-ray, MRI, EEG, etc.

Cardio data

Results of genetic tests

Profile of methylation


In the Data Management diagram, the paths of data movement are again simplified. And also it is visible, what part of the data will be public, and what will remain the property of the project.

All information on the OL platform is depersonalized, while the results of the Trial OL research and working documentation are public. We do not plan to protect patents.

The data is stored on cloud or local disks connected to the Internet. During the work of the platform there will be a large open database for processing and expertise by enthusiasts and professionals wishing to give their own interpretation of our results. And we can get a critique of the correctness of the design of the experiment even at the stage of its development.
Whole scheme of platform.