Pre-ICO is on

During October, 13 is PrivatePlacement stage
Only registered users can take part in Pre-ICO
Open Longevity Smart –°ontract carries out the emission of YEAR tokens, and during the Pre-ICO the amount of YEARs will be issued to reach $ 500,000.

The purchase of tokens during the Pre-ICO will consist of two phases:
  • Private placement
  • Public crowdsale
The rate of the ETH to dollar is to be set at the launch moment of Pre-ICO, and is being fixed for the entire collection time.

The purchase is carried out by transferring the ETH to the address of the smart contract, and the sender of the transaction becomes the owner of the purchased tokens.

Private placement phase
Lasts for 3 days starting the launch of the Pre-ICO.
The start date will be announced in advance, in our channels:

To be registered for a Private Placement, providing the following information is a must:
  • Full name
  • E-mail
  • ETH wallet address
  • The number of tokens to be purchased
The purchase of YEAR tokens in the first 3 days can only be performed from addresses registered in the Private placement database.

During this phase, a special price for tokens is set: $ 100 = 1,750 YEAR.

At a one-time purchase of tokens for $ 100,000 or more during the Private placement phase, a special price of 2,000 YEAR = $ 100 operates.

Public crowdsale phase
Starts immediately after the completion of the Private placement phase, on the 4th day of Pre-ICO. Anyone will be able to purchase YEAR tokens, including unregistered participants.

During this phase, a special price for tokens is set: $ 100 = 1,300 YEAR.

At a one-time purchase of tokens worth $ 100,000 or more during the Public crowdsale stage, a special price of 1,500 YEAR = $ 100 operates.

It should be noted that there is a probability of tokens being sold out in the first days of "closed sales". In order to avoid inconvenience when, by the time of Public crowdsale, the entire pool of tokens will be purchased, we recommend registration to receive all the advantages of Private placement.