What's Open Longevity?
An online platform consisting of a website and mobile app with the following capabilities:
Neural network
Users upload their test results. Then the system gives advice on lifestyle, sports, nutrition and meds, based an array of data from the self-learning network.
A database of physicians, scientific analysts and biohackers to get your consultation, based on your personal data.
New infrastructure for scientists and volunteers to conduct and take part in research. Openness and refusal of patent protection will accelerate and reduce the cost of the process, increase the reliability of the results.
Wearables and other diagnostic devices, dietary supplements and vitamins, applications and subscriptions for services, such as gyms, at special prices — everything for extra YEARs in one place.
How will it look like?
First scheduled trials
The first three trials, we plan to conduct at the expense of funds, collected via ICO: